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Dags att uppdatera din ID-5100 rig


  1. Fixed the problem where the RS-MS1A does not display pictures and text received by the ID-5100 when the SP2 external speaker jack is in use.

  2. Fixed the problem where the D-PRS data in the B band Single watch mode, and/or the right side band Dualwatch mode, may not be recognized.

  3. Fixed the problem where RX sensitivity decreases in the Single watch mode.

  4. The calibration area on the touch screen has been revised to help the user make a more accurate screen calibration.

    An OPC-2218LU or OPC-1529R is required to install the firmware update. To use the OPC-2218LU, a USB driver is required. Download the driverhere.
    Before downloading, please thoroughly read "Firmware update instructions (here)" to know what the update requires.Save the transceiver's data onto an SD card or to your PC using the CS-5100 cloning software.It is possible that your data could get lost or corrupted during the update.Never turn OFF the equipment power or disconnect the data communication cable during the update.The CPU M firmware is updated to Version 1.05.The CPU C firmware is updated to Version 1.01.

    En enkel ritning för att göra din egen kabel

    En USB kabel Från RT System går alldeles utmärkt att använda också , kolla först i enhetshanteraren vilken com port som kabeln tilldelas och välj den porten när uppdateringsprogrammet startas.Läs hela instruktionen innan du börjar ..

Gooid luck

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