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APRS.FI nere för tillfället

aprs.fi är för tillfället nerstängt p.g.a rättighetsdispyt med Google , så här kommenterar Heikki själv problemet !

Google had noticed that aprs.fi has integrated support for OSM map tiles *and* Street View. I hadn't noticed that the combination of Street View on top of anything else than Google Maps is forbidden according to the Maps API Terms Of Service document. Or I had just forgotten about it when implementing OSM or Street View (there was probably a year or two of time between the two, and probably another year or two since I actually read the lengthy TOS).

Google had nicely sent me a few emails to warn about the unapproved combination, first one already on 5th of March. I had moved away from reading emails regularly in Gmail a long while back, but forgotten to arrange for these emails from Google APIs to go to my primary email address. Silly me. Since I didn't respond or do anything about the situation, they disabled Maps API, which certainly got my attention.

Oh well. OSM support is disabled for now, and I notified Google that aprs.fi is again compliant with the terms. Should be back soonish.

I might put OSM support back later, and remove Street View instead, as OSM is probably more useful in practice at some areas (although admittedly less visual and "cool"). Or maybe make some sort of arrangement where Street View only works if you have Google Maps selected instead of OSM. Have to check with the Google folks if that's OK.

I'll post updates on Twitter (https://twitter.com/aprsfi https://twitter.com/aprsfi) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/aprs.fi https://www.facebook.com/aprs.fi). Stay tuned.

My mistake entirely, although quite a human one. When did you last read the full text of the license agreement of your new application or mobile phone? :)

Posted by Heikki Hannikainen at Thursday, April 02



Google Maps API started working on aprs.fi again last night 20140404, roughly around midnight UTC, after about 49 hours of downtime. OpenStreetMaps are temporarily disabled, but will absolutely come back later in one form or another. It might be that Street View has to be disabled instead. We'll see, stay tuned for updates. 

Uppdatering av hemsidan

Nu är uppdateringen av hemsidan klar!
Hela plattformen var tvungen att uppdateras eftersom webspace providern står inför en uppdatering av systemet.
Om inte detta hade gjorts hade medfört att hela siten hade gått ner och inget hade fungerat.
Men nu är vi framtidssäkrade och allt är som det ska vara.
Jobbet med fler tekniska artiklar kan nu återupptas och jobbas vidare med.
Med lite tur så kanske vi kan få lite hjälp med goda idéer och uppslag vad som ska finnas på sidan.
Tills vidare är Forumet avkopplat av skilda anledningar, men det är ett framtidsprojekt.
Om DU har tips och uppslag , använd "KONTAKTA OSS" i menyn så kan vi prata vidare därifrån.
Bästa 73

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